Sunday, June 13, 2021

Get people to care about what you are selling

How to get people to care about what you are selling.
Sometimes you have to take a negative approach to get a positive response, sometimes you have to be creative to get someone's attention in the first place, and sometimes you have to really think outside the box to make people take notice. I am going to give you an example that is going to blow your mind. But first, let me show you a couple of things I have in my files that really seem to work, and some that don't. Whenever I am on an airplane or in a crowd of strangers I am asked what I do. According to the experts, you should have an "elevator speech" for these occasions. You should be able to tell people what you do by the time the elevator makes it from one floor to the next. I designed a clever 30-second speech and it really seemed to turn people off. As soon as I said I was a "sales trainer" I could see the expression on their face turn to panic. They immediately said they don't use sales trainers, or they have a company employee who does their sales training. They had a ready-made objection. So by following the advice of the experts, I was turning people off in less than 30 seconds. Back to the drawing board. I took a different approach by thinking outside the box. I created a "shock" effect and I am now able to get people's interest and have some fun at the same time. Now, when they ask me what I do, here is what I say: "I show people how to stay 4 steps ahead of the sheriff, would you like to know what those 4 steps are?" And they always say YES? I give them four quick steps that would be applicable to them and ask which step would be most helpful. If they say "step 3" I give them a really good sound bite of information on step 3. I then get their business card and follow up with some more helpful information. I am getting ready to do a 5,000 piece mailing and guess what will be on the envelope? You got it: "How to stay 4 steps ahead of the sheriff, would you like to know what the 4 steps are?" When you are approaching a new account think of your first few words as the sales copy on the envelope. The job of the sales copy is NOT to make the sale, but to get them OPEN UP! Here are some of the standard openers and my translation. If you are guilty you might spend a little time creating something that works for you. Be easy on yourself, everyone has used them. "I am sorry for interrupting." Translation: I really don't amount to much - you are much more important than I am - you see I am just a doormat waiting for someone to wipe their feet on me. "I know you are busy." Translation: I really don't have any respect for you or your time - you are a busy and important person and I am intruding in your day. "I was in the neighborhood." Translation: I am not very organized - I simply drift through my day from neighborhood to neighborhood making random calls on people and waste their time. "Do you need anything?" Translation. I am really not much of a salesperson and I was wondering if there are any crumbs leftover from a real salesperson who has been here. "I wanted to stop by and introduce myself." Translation. I am really not ambitious enough to have done some homework about you so I guess I will tell you all about ME. I think you get the point. Things are different out there today, so you have to be different or they eat you alive.
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