Monday, May 3, 2021

Your most important sale

Your most important sale What is the one thing that keeps you from making sales, keeps you worrying about business, and keeps you feeling insecure? I am going to identify it but first, let me assure you, everyone is affected by it. Regardless of how long you have been in sales or how many setbacks you have to face. Here is the hardest thing you have to do. You have to see in your mind not the way things are, but the way things can become. This is easy to do when things are going along smoothly. When customers are buying, progress is being made and things are looking pretty good. When you are in the "success frame of mind" it is easy to see all the possibilities. However, when you are up against tough times is when you are tested. That is when you really find out how difficult it is to see things the way you want them to become. Especially when you look around and you are in a seemingly impossible situation. The law of nature insists that you grow. When you are growing and improving you are naturally positive and excited about what you are doing. However, when you run into an obstacle and you go backward, just the opposite takes place. All of a sudden you see yourself filled with apprehension and failure. Let's see how good of a salesperson you really are. Let's see if you can make a sale to yourself. Let's see if you can design and present a program to yourself that will get you excited about sales in spite of everyone preaching gloom and doom. Here is a common mistake most people make when they lay out a program for themselves, which you may be guilty of as well. You have been focusing on the FEATURES when you set your goals. The FEATURES are boring. The FEATURES will never get you excited. You have to give yourself a BENEFIT presentation! In case you are not clear on the difference between a FEATURE and a BENEFIT, a feature is a fact about the product or service, a benefit is what it does. For example, the feature of a Ford Truck is that it has a V10 450 horsepower engine. The benefit is that it will pull a 10,000-pound trailer up a steep hill with ease. The BENEFIT is SEEING yourself driving the truck and pulling your RV or boat up the hill without any trouble. Personal goal setting is important. What is even more important are the BENEFITS you will personally receive once your objectives are reached. Here's what I mean. Owning your home free and clear is not a goal, but a benefit of reaching your sales and commission objective. The extra money you want to put in your retirement account is not a goal; it is the benefit of reaching your sales objective. Paying off your credit cards is not a goal, but a benefit of reaching your sales objective. You talk to your customers about the benefits of your products and services - why not make the same case for selling yourself on your own personal success? Why do you want to be successful? Lack of goal setting is rarely a problem. You either set them yourself, or your company sets them for you. Goals in themselves rarely have enough power to motivate you. What will motivate you are the personal BENEFITS you get from accomplishing your goal. Your goal as a salesperson is simple: Exceed your sales plan. If you have identified the BENEFITS you really want badly enough to take action you will be motivated. If you have not clearly identified your benefits you will not be motivated. Exceeding your sales plan is a FEATURE, not a BENEFIT. What are the benefits you receive when you exceed your sales objective? Once the benefits are listed, you will have your "reason why." You will find the personal motivation that gets you out the door early. The motivation to overcome call reluctance. The motivation to make the extra call. The motivation to ask for the additional business. Your single goal is to exceed your sales plan. Stop now. Take out a piece of paper. Make a list of the BENEFITS you will enjoy by exceeding your sales plan. List all the BENEFITS you will receive once you exceed this goal. Better yet, get some pictures that represent the benefits and picture yourself as already having achieved them. Growth is the purpose of life. If you are not growing you are simply taking up space. To make progress you have to grow until you become larger than your current situation. This attitude of GROWTH in a salesperson is imperative. You MUST have it. You MUST want more. You MUST be aggressive with your actions and demand a lot from yourself. You must be able to "see" things the way they can become, not the way they are. This is the key to a motivated salesperson. A believer. A person who knows what they want. A person who is willing to pay the price. A person who has a "reason why." foodservice sales training, distributor sales training, food sales training, foodservice consultant training, foodservice distributor training, foodservice industry sales, foodservice sales course,