Sunday, May 16, 2021

Why you lose business

10 - Why you lose business foodservice sales training, foodservice sales training for food distributors. What is the easiest way for a competitor to take a customer away from you? Why do you lose accounts to your competitors? Here are some reasons that sound good: Our service isn't up to par. Our prices are too high. We have too many out-of-stocks. My competitor is better known in my market. I have a surprise for you. When you lose an account it is mostly due to one reason. I would say that 95% of all the accounts you lose to a competitor are for this single reason! This single reason will enable you to take away more business from your competitor than you can handle. It's easier than you think. Here's why. Your competitors are taking their customers for granted. I guarantee it! Let me say that again in capital letters... YOUR COMPETITORS ARE TAKING THEIR CUSTOMERS FOR GRANTED. And do you know what else? So are you - I know, I know - you don't want to hear that. It's true - you know it and I know it. Let's put it to the test. Do you feel appreciated? Probably not. Would you like a little appreciation? If your answer is yes - you are not alone. In a recent survey 6,600 people were asked two questions: 1. Do you receive as much praise, recognition, and appreciation as you feel you deserve? 6,415 SAID NO 2. Would you perform your job better if you were given more praise, recognition, and appreciation? 6,495 SAID YES This, of course, doesn't apply to you - you are in sales - it is up to you to GIVE appreciation not GET it. The point is - most people feel unappreciated. The normal procedure is to get an account, wine, and dine them during the honeymoon period, and then put them on autopilot. You are guilty of it, aren't you? Admit it. How can you take away business from a competitor? Here's the secret. Get a small order from your competitor’s customer and then show that you REALLY appreciate their business. Too simple? - You WILL stand out and be noticed. Sure, you gave the customer a discount - THEY should appreciate YOU! Your customer is the one who writes out those big checks every week - they are not thinking about how much they appreciate the small discount they got - they are wondering if YOU appreciate the amount of business THEY are giving YOU. Your customers pay your mortgage, put your kids through school, make your car payments, pay for your retirement plan. Your top twenty customers - Do you thank them enough? Do you show them that you appreciate their business? More than likely the answer is no. Give your customers the attention and appreciation they are hungry for. Give your prospects the attention and appreciation they are not getting from their current supplier and you will take away the business. Few things are more gratifying than gratitude, and very few salespeople express their gratitude as much as they should. Appreciation can go a lot farther than just saying thank you. How many thank you notes did you send last year? Your competitors are not doing it. It's the little messages of gratitude that will make a big difference. You never know what insurance your thank you notes, follow-up phone calls and extra attention is providing. No - Service is not the reason you lose business. No - Price is not the reason you lose business. No - Your competitor's image in the market is not the reason. No - it's none of those things. The reason you lose, on average TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT OF YOUR BUSINESS EVERY YEAR is because you didn't listen to your mother when she told you to say "Thank You." foodservice distributor training, Bob Oros Sales Training, careers foodservice sales, chef consultant, consultant restaurant, distributor sales rep, distributor sales training, distributor training, food career food consultant, food sales training, food-beverage consultant, foodservice consultant training, foodservice consultant, foodservice distributor sales, foodservice industry sales, foodservice sales course, foodservice sales course, foodservice sales jobs, foodservice sales positions, foodservice sales trainee, foodservice sales, hospitality consultants, hospitality consultants, negotiating with chefs, negotiating with restaurants, online foodservice sales training, online foodservice training, restaurant consultant, restaurant consulting, sales career foodservice, sales career in foodservice, sales training foodservice, sales training videos, selling to restaurants, Technomics update, training food distributor, training foodservice consultant, training foodservice distributor,