Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Why motivation programs fail

Why motivation programs fail

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Do you have a good education? Do you know more about your products than anybody? Have you read every book you can find on selling? Do you listen to motivational tapes while driving? Do you read all the trade journals? Do you attend seminars and take pages of notes? Do you ask successful salespeople for advice?

If you do -IT DOESN'T MATTER! That's right! You may be fooling yourself and maybe some of your colleagues into thinking you are really going places. But it doesn't really matter. I am going to tell you to do something that is going to shock your system.

Take all of your diplomas and throw them in the trash! Take all your motivational tapes and burn them! Take your library of selling books to the dump! Take your list of big impressive goals and tear it up! Why would I make a statement like that?

Why would I give you that kind of advice? Because I am trying to help you. I want you to be more successful. You see, in sales, none of those things really make much difference. Here is what I mean. Read this next paragraph carefully.

...You can have a great amount of knowledge ...read all types of positive thinking books ...listen to motivation and self-help tapes ...write down big impressive goals and plans ...and be no farther ahead than a year ago ...unless you apply what you know!

UNLESS YOU APPLY WHAT YOU KNOW! Once you start to DO the things necessary for success you will find that you have what it takes. You will never know where you need to improve until you put yourself in front of the buyer and let him or her tell you the reasons they are not going to buy. You will then have experience. You will then have specific information to work on. You will then be able to put together a plan of attack based on actual feedback.

Take it from someone who does all those things. And it doesn't make me an additional dime. Unless I take one specific skill or strategy at a time and APPLY IT!

Knowledge is not the answer. The answer is... APPLICATION of specific knowledge. APPLICATION OF THE PRINCIPLES OF SELLING. If you read something that you remember reading in the past, ask yourself this: Did I apply it -or did I just read it? The reason most motivation programs fail is because there is no action – no application.