Monday, May 17, 2021

The key to selling anybody

11 - The key to selling anybody foodservice sales training.
How would you like to KNOW with absolute certainty that you could sell anybody? What if you had a magic key that would open the door to everyone you called on? You can! And once you know the secret formula - and apply it - your sales will take off! You will lose all feelings of call reluctance. Your confidence will double - or even triple. Your income will increase. You will have everything you ever wanted in life. Here it is... Find out by careful listening and questioning what your customer wants and let them know that you are sincerely interested in helping them get it. Too simple? Let's try it on YOU. What do you want most in life? Do you want more cash? A new home? Money in the bank? Financial security? Now, what if someone came into your life who was sincerely interested in helping you get those things? What if they went out of their way to show you how to increase your income? What if they helped you find ways to save and invest more of the money you work so hard to make so you could become financially secure? What if they helped you find and buy the home of your dreams? Would you want to know this person a little better? On the other hand what if another person came into your life and all they wanted to do was sell you what THEY thought you should have? If they were overly aggressive, pushy, wanted to get you to do things you were not really interested in - how would you react? Do you see the difference? Wouldn't it feel good to have someone who is sincerely interested in helping you succeed? I know what you are thinking - the only person who is that interested in ME is my mother! Remember, this is not about YOU - it is about selling - it is about your customer. Don't EXPECT anyone to be that interested in you. But that doesn't mean you cannot be that interested and helpful to your customers. This changes the whole focus. Now I am going to show YOU how to make any amount of money you want by using this theory. You see, I AM interested in your success - I want you to sell more and make more money. Let's say you want to make $120,000 over the next 12 months. Normally you would say to yourself - "THIS IS MY GOAL - I WILL MAKE $120,000 IN COMMISSIONS DURING THE NEXT 12 MONTHS." By taking this approach your focus is wrong. Instead, try this... "I AM GOING TO GIVE $500 WORTH OF SERVICE EVERY DAY MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY." Do you see the difference? Don't focus on the money - on what's in it for YOU - focus on GIVING THE SERVICE. The money will follow. This is the New definition of selling - service. This definition is so new it is not even in the dictionary or thesaurus. The dictionary says selling means to persuade, or influence to a course of action. The thesaurus says selling is "barter, exchange, trade, traffic, and vend. Nowhere does it say selling is SERVICE. Nowhere does it say selling is helping your customers become more successful and make more money. Let's put it another way. How much would someone PAY YOU to listen to your sales pitch? Zero - Right? Yet people pay thousands of dollars to consultants to ask questions - find out what they want - and help them get it. You can convey the same message to your customers. The true purpose of a consultative salesperson is to find out what your customer wants and help them get it. To accomplish this you have to listen more than you talk. If you can get your customer to talk enough, they simply cannot disguise their real goals and real motives. They may try as hard as they can, but invariably they will "give themselves away”. When they do - you have the key. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY WANT! Help them get it and you will have captured the true meaning of being a sales professional.
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