Thursday, May 6, 2021

Best approach to problems

05 Best approach to problems -
"You don't understand - my company has some big problems and it makes my job really tough!" Pick up the Sunday paper, go to the classified section and find a job that has no problems. If it is there - they don't need you. A company with problems is a company with opportunities! A problem is a chance for you to show your best. There are people who spend all their time reinforcing obstacles. Office politics. Perceived defects in the product or service. Impossibly tough competition. Endless personal problems. Unfair commission schedules. We all have problems. A persistent negative outlook will not only make it difficult for coworkers and supervisors to work with you--it will make it difficult for customers to work with you. It's common to hear a salesperson complain, "you don't understand how much is expected of us here." The goals of most sales managers are usually pretty clear-cut: get good results from the staff. If you're not making sales, complaining about everything is only going to compound the problem. Not only will you be wasting valuable time you could be using to talk to new customers, but you'll also lose the perspective you need to identify and resolve the problems you're having. Many companies have had the experience of having a salesperson perform poorly in a certain territory, complaining that "the market is saturated". Take that person off the territory, put someone else on it, and sales take off. Usually, the first salesperson focuses on limitations, while the new salesperson brings no preconceptions to the territory, and sees fresh opportunities as a result. The best approach to problems is to become part of the solution. Leaving one company because of problems and going to another is a trade-off for new problems. No one likes to be around someone with a negative attitude. Carrying around negativity drags you down and keeps you from moving full speed ahead. A persistent positive attitude can cancel the negative ones. It takes much more work to remain positive than negative. Negativity in the work environment can spread like cancer. It starts with one member and quickly moves to other members until the whole office or company is infected. Obstacles will always be a permanent fixture of everyday life, but the bright side is there are ways around them. Satisfaction comes from being victorious over those obstacles. Years ago I had a customer tell me that he was going to leave and go to a competitor. When I asked why he told me all the things that were wrong with my company. After he told me I realized that I was the one who told him all those things. A good lesson about saying something negative about your own company - it will always come back to bite you.